About Us

Safe Water and Sustainable Hygiene Initiative (SAWASHI) is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to enhance access to clean, safe and reliable drinking water and promote proper hygiene practices in the communities in Western Kenya. SAWASHI founded in November 2015 as a community-based organization (CBO) and later attained the NGO registration in November 2016. The organization is mandated to work in five counties of Western Kenya:

  • Nandi;
  • Kakamega;
  • Bungoma;
  • Vihiga; and
  • Busia.


To achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water as well as sustainable sanitation and hygiene for all communities within our areas of coverage.

Our Mission

SAWASHI’s’ mission is to enhance access to safe, convenient and reliable drinking water through drilling & equipping of boreholes, rehabilitation of boreholes and shallow wells, spring protections and offering long-term operation and maintenance support through a robust water point functionality monitoring program.

Our Goal

To reduce the prevalence of poor hygiene, sanitation and unsafe drinking water related illnesses and health issues among vulnerable communities in Western Kenya.

Our Core Values

We believe every community has the ability to enhance their quality of life; and it all begins with having access to convenient, safe & reliable drinking water.

It is because of this deep belief that we work to ensure water is within reach of deserving communities to relieve in particular women and girls who often disproportionately suffer to collect water. Safe water is medicine and an antidote to many preventable illnesses especially in children under five. We invest in reliable water points because we believe running water is the first step to meaningful development.

1. We are our brothers & sisters’ keeper

We believe working with all people regardless of their colour, race, age, religion or creed is working for our Creator. We do not engage in activities that deny fellow humans their rights and dignity, instead, we work to advance and preserve the dignity of life by ensuring access to basic water service for all.

2. We inspire responsibility

Throughout our work we empower people to be proactive. We believe, when people are empowered, they actively take action and ownership of their circumstances hence make the right choices to advance their well-being. We work with people in need to change the conditions that deny them access to safe and reliable drinking water.

3. We work with others to achieve more

We realize our work is complex and resources to reach more people remain limited. We believe through coordination and collaboration we are able to continuously improve our capacity, efficiency and effectiveness in our work. We work with like-minded individuals, organizations and institutions towards enhancing access to reliable drinking water for all.

4. We always say the truth

We believe the truth is effortless. By saying the truth, we built trust, eliminate unfairness and create honest avenues for feedback. Truthfulness helps us to learn, innovate and continuously improve our work and the people we serve.

5. We trust the quality of our work

We remain accountable for our actions. We commit and to invest in reliable water solutions for rural communities. We engage intending to create a sustainable enterprise in what we do.