Appeal for a new borehole at St. Stephen, Mungakha Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Mumias Diocese

Our team responded to a call from St. Stephen, Mungakha Anglican Church of Kenya to intervene and resolve their dire water situation amidst the prevailing Covid19 pandemic. St. Stephen, Mungakha ACK is located in Matungu sub-county, Kakamega County in rural western Kenya. The church has a congregation of approximately 300.people mainly hailing from Mungakha village and the environs. Neighbouring the church is St. Stephen Mungakha primary and secondary schools with a population of 1120 and 150 learners respectively. Neither of the schools has a reliable source of water.

According to Reverend Florence Teyie, the current water source for the church is a spring located approximately 2 Km away. This makes it hard to hold functions at the church. They often borrow drinking water from neighboring households to tend to church visitors. She further indicated that most children do not attend the church on Sundays in light of the current prevalence of Covid19 coupled with lack of access to a reliable source of water to sufficiently cater for handwashing and other hygiene activities.

This is happening in the back drop of the church having benefited from a Kenya Finland Cooperation borehole project in the early 1980s. The borehole was fitted with a NIRA-85 hand-pump. The pump failed catastrophically the year 2005, and due to lack of a local supply chain, modifications from local artisans – with limited skills – only rendered the church, the schools and the community at large without access to clean water for good! In the process of repair, the unskilled local artisans broke the borehole casings exposing it to grave siltation.

A major risk factor for infectious diseases and mortality particularly in children under five years is the lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. According to the Kenya Bureau of statistics (2019), Matungu Sub-county had a population of 166,940 people with a population density of 598 people per square kilometer. The year 2020, Matungu sub-county recorded 768 cases of diarrhea, 2 cases of CHOLERA, 3881 cases of skin diseases, 21 cases of typhoid fever and 23 cases of jigger infestation among children aged below 5 years.

Your donation towards this project will enable drilling of a new borehole for the church as well as equipping it with an Afridev hand-pump, which is locally appropriate with a steady supply chain for spares. Your support will enable capacity building of local artisans on hand-pump repairs as well as the church leadership and the community at large on appropriate operation and maintenance approaches for sustainability of the project. Most importantly, your support towards this project will improve the health and well-being of Mungakha ACK community.

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