Butiti Primary School


Hand Pump Repair Afridev


Butiti primary school has been running without water for the past five years. The school’s water pump broke down back in the year 2015 and since then, the functioning of the school has been affected greatly. The pupils have had to spend most of their time trekking for over 2 km from the school in search of drinking water. These conditions interrupt the learning and teaching processes of the school and further bringing about unsafe and unsanitary environment. In the past week our organisation, SAWASHI, intervened and we have successfully repaired the handpump. With flowing waters and a cleaner learning environment there is going to be a positive change with a ripple effect to the school and the neighbouring community at large.

Butiti Primary School: Hand pump Repair (Afridev) by SAWASHI

It is an important duty for all of us to participate in enabling communities and schools to have access to safe, convenient and reliable water sources.

Support SAWASHI reach more schools in dire need of this service

We believe, every community has the ability to enhance their quality of life; and it all begins by having access to convenient, safe and reliable drinking water


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