NIRA Pump Repair at Cheptuli Village


Cheptuli Village


SAWASHI team conducted repairs on a Nira pump that was installed by Kefinco in 1983. Cheptuli is now connected to safe, reliable and convenient water.

What we love as SAWASHI is to continuously make water available especially during this COVID19 pandemic period.

NIRA handpump repair at Cheptuli Village, Malava subcounty (Video Clip by Kem Paul)

We believe, every community has the ability to enhance their quality of life; and it all begins with having access to convenient, safe & reliable drinking water.

Support the Progamme, we end Water poverty

Reach us on: Mobile & WhatsApp No. +254701372371,,, and Email: Visit our website: https://www.sawashikenya.orgWater for Life. Keep on keeping safe

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