Western Kenya Water Crisis: Schools

As schools reopened this year (2021), the reality also checked in. Most schools in Kenya lack sustainable water sources thus relies on pupils at elementary level to secure it. The few schools with boreholes and hand dug well fitted with handpumps require repairs and maintenance due to frequent breakdown. That is why SAWASHI exists. SAWASHI management makes sure that schools especially during this tough times of #COVID19 pandemic, have access to clean, safe and reliable water in schools in western Kenya.

Last week SAWASHI team visited Iranda Primary School to respond to a water crisis in the school. The school had been operating without water for the past two weeks since it opened its doors to pupils.

The headteacher was persistent in reminding SAWASHI management of the water crisis at the school. SAWASHI responded and connected the school to this vital resource (clean, safe and reliable drinking water). Here is the clip of the repairs and statement from the school headteacher

SAWASHI team repairing the Afridev handpump at Iranda primary School (Video Clip by Kem Paul)

We believe every community has the ability to enhance their quality of life; and it all begins with having access to convenient, safe & reliable drinking water.

SAWASHI (2016)

When communities have access to clean, safe and reliable water sources that are sustainanble, SAWASHI and its partners feel rejuvenated and energised to expand the reach to have as many communities access this noble service.

Water is Life; Water for Life.

To expand this reach, we welcome wellwisher and funding partners to become part of this service.

Your donation will go along way to help schools and communities in dire need of these vital resources.

You can reach SAWASHI on: https://facebook.com/KESAWASHI ; https://twitter.com/SAWASHIKENYA; https://instagram.com/Safe_Water_Org;

You can also visit our website on: https://sawashikenya.org

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